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Blue Skies

Human Trafficking Rehabilitation Facilities

Here at Vanguard Knights,

our vision is to build modern transition homes with state of the art design and technology which will inspire Victims of abuse during their recovery process.  


     Vanguard Knights is working with a team of Architects to design/build state of the art facilities, as well as modern transition homes. These facilities will have a Phase 1 facility where Survivors will go through recovery as well as any and all proven methods of rehabilitation which includes 24/7 staff and counselors. Phase 1 will be a 12-18 Month in-house program which must be completed in order for the Survivor to be eligible to transition and advance to Phase 2 of the program. 

    Phase 2 will be a small community of modern duplexes which will house two Survivors in each unit. Two Survivors in each unit is done so they may become accountability Partners, holding each accountable for their actions. These duplex units will be modern structures with all of the latest technology. Each room will not have a light switch, but instead a tablet (small LED screen) located on the wall. From the LED screen the survivors may control the ambient lighting in the room (Dim if they chose), control the audio music (speakers in the ceilings), they may even open and close the window curtains by simply sliding a bar on the screen. These modern features are added to the design in order to inspire the Survivors in order for them to understand and realize that everything is possible. 

Philippians 4:13         I can do all things through him who gives me strength

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